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This is an exciting blog to write, three years in the creation I am delighted and relieved to finally release my hero offering into the world. It has been a roller coaster ride and at times I have questioned my sanity and if I would ever reach this day, but I have and now its time to take deep dive into Cell Affinity Coactive Serum | TANU. The name TANU is a Sanskrit word meaning: self, person, body, skin, form, or manifestation, this is a reminder to practice self-love for you. When your needs are met you have more to give and offer others; to me the analogy of the stone dropping into water and the 'ripple' effect holds true, your energy moves outwards from the source (you) and flows outwards. Cell Affinity refers to the affinity our own cells have with plant constituents. Coactive Serum refers to the synergies of the many plant compounds within the formula working together and boosting efficacy.

Retinoid Alternative

This serum is formulated to be a gentle, sustainable, plant-based, retinoid alternative, like most people my skin is changeable, this can be due to environmental factors such as the sun - I live in Australia - along with heat but also cold and dry at times as I live next to the Southern Ocean. Questionable food choices can show up on my skin as can perhaps too many glasses of red wine, lack of sleep, excessive life-induced stress, and hormonal changes, all play a part in the health and appearance of my skin. Reactive is the first word that comes to mind when asked to describe my skin, it will soon let me know when it does not agree with a skincare product. I have tried retinol in both water and oil-based formulations and unfortunately, it does not play nicely with my skin. You could say my skin dictated my fist product formulation!

This three-year process of sourcing, trialing, testing, formulating and reformulating has been obsessive, even my manufacturing lab remarked they have never had a Skincare Brand run so many trials for one product, nor do the other brands they work with supply all the ingredients themselves. This makes the entire process slow, and incredibly expensive. FIFTY7KIND is all about quality, efficacy, sustainability, and transparency. The re-formulating to be precise fifty-six times! (yes, it's true) and it is one of the reasons behind the name FIFTY7KIND, Cell Affinity Coactive Serum | TANU is the fifty-seventh version, this is what it took for me to create the optimum 'active-synergies' between the plant-based ingredients. 

Hundreds of hours have been spent sourcing the purest highest quality ingredients with the most minimal processing as to preserve the 'life force' of the plant we want that 'activeness' or 'energy' depending on how you like to view the natural world, for our skin. I have done my due diligence to ensure all aspects of FIFTY7KIND from the ingredient sourcing to the packaging to the inks tor partnerships from printers to Manufacturing labs each meets my sustainability criteria. 

A number of ingredients had to be changed because I could not guarantee a reliable supply of the quality which I demanded. This is a challenge when working with organic and responsibly wildcrafted ingredients as crops are dependant on weather systems and bad years can mean low availability and ever-increasing prices. During this three year process, I have tweaked and improved the formulation as I have gained new knowledge and sourced new ingredients allowing me to deliver 'exceptional skin health care' to address your skin concerns.

Healing whole plants

This is where it all begins, a 90-day (minimum) gentle, herbal infusion process, capturing the full spectrum of bio-available lipophilic plant compounds. This results in a deep green nutrient-rich foundation. I could buy in pre-infused herbals, and I have and they were 'dead' I asked questions about processes used and knew I needed to add another creative process to my 'to-do' list; resulting in more time consuming 'work'. 

However, if I want the highest quality, certified organic Calendula flowers and stems I go to Eygpt, not literally (unfortunately), but here Calendula has been grown for hundreds of years, it is revered for its skin healing compounds, that means these crops are cared for and honored - this makes a difference my friend to their aliveness and energy and ultimately to your skin (and mine!!!). Whole Plant extracts are exactly that, we are not isolating one compound we are utilizing the full spectrum of bio-available plant compounds that work together synergistically - 'better together'.

Bakuchiol is not my Hero Ingredient...

Yes, I am 'that' person, I was not the most popular kid at school, not particularly cool and well, I was just different! I have formulated with Bakuchiol the popular ‘retinol alternative’ but my personal preference was Crithmum maritimum, a plant-like version of retinol - I have written a detailed blog post The Plant with Retinoid-Like Action you can read here.


  • Aids in the effective skin penetration of active ingredients within the formulation,
  • Softens the skin,
  • Unclogs pores - preventing microcomendones,
  • Boosts both the quality of collagen and its production,
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines,
  • Speeds up cell turnover,
  • Evens out skin discoloration and texture,   
  • Reduces skin inflammation,
  • Not contraindicated during pregnancy,
  • Regulates sebum production.

Reducing Inflammation

External oxidative stressors from pollution damages the skin causing visible skin aging by reducing collagen expression in the skin, it oxidizes lipids and depletes the skin's natural antioxidant reservoir, triggering a progressive cascade of damage that may contribute to signs of skin aging. Free radicals can also trigger inflammation and other harmful pathways in the skin, such as increased production of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) which break down collagen in your skin. To combat this I have incorporated A targeted delivery system with nano encapsulated antioxidants to aid in the protection and prevention of damaged caused by oxidative stress. Cell Affinity Coactive Serum | TANU is full of not only skin-nourishing ingredients but offers strong anti-inflammatory properties too.


Increase Microcirculation - Encourages healthy blood flow delivering nutrients,
Gentle Micro-Exfoliation - Brightening and softening the skin,
Moisturizing Agents - Restore moisture and prevent moisture loss,
Barrier Agents - Essential Fatty Acids replenish the skin,
Antioxidants - Offer environmental protection from free radical skin damage,
Plant Nutrients - Support the skin's natural renewal process,
Calming Complex - Multiple sources of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial compounds calm irritated skin.

There you have it, my friend, Skin Affinity Coactive Serum | TANU is my skin hero I hope that it becomes yours too. Available in both Trial / Travel size of 5ml Pipette dropper and 30ml Roller Ball application for targeted application, apply only what you need and never knock over and spill (the horror!) your beloved skincare serum again! Want more? learn about individual ingredients, methods, and the skin concerns you may have GO HERE.

Until next time,

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