Gender, whats yours and why do we care?

We don't care! We are all wrapped in skin; it’s our first line of defense for our immune system and the largest organ of our body. Our skin care products are a reflection of wider changes that are happening regarding the way we think about gender, ‘Gender-Diversity’. 


Our philosophy is to provide an easy to apply solution for all skin, all genders and ethnicities. Our skin does not discriminate against gender diversity neither do our products.


Whats your Gender?

Socially-prescribed - 
Gender roles, do not resonate with everyone, even those who vary only slightly from what is considered the 'norm' can become targets of disapproval. We believe it is time the media started showing that there is more to identity than just male and female — that there is something in between. It is time to turn the light on in a dark room. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning), and intersex. We all have a place and an import role to play within 'our' society. You matter. 

The public's need to categorise every individual into a specific gender is limiting, and unnecessary. We embrace gender-fluidity, gender diversity, we embrace being true to yourself and to what gender you identify with or with not.

Less is more // plastic has NO place here
We are launching Human & Kind {organics} with one single, multi-tasking, hero product - and will, over time, follow up with a minimal, core group of essential products. We don't think you need a hundred products on, or in your bathroom cabinet, think - clutter-free and living in a sustainable way. Overall, we like the idea of being able to share skincare products with your significant other: save bathroom counter space, save money and most importantly avoid potentially harmful personal care products, which can can strip away your skins Microbiome along with the, planet polluting use of plastic.

Live your life in a way that feels authentic to you and for you, and please, for the planet.

Until next time..

be human | be kind | be you







Wow how exciting! This sounds brilliant. I can’t wait to try!

Glamor Hippie February 13, 2017

Great post! This topic is one that doesn’t seem to get touched on much in terms of skin care, advertising etc. It’s almost always this product is for women, this is for men. It would be great to have a product that could be used all around.

Rowan February 11, 2017

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