Has NADI melted? How to make NADI Balm smooth again


One of the main ingredients in balms is a butter NADI offers a combination of 4 which have a low melting point. This causes them to easily melt when in transit or even in a warm room. NADI is waxless and has a paste like texture, not hard, and firm only when cool. 


The grainy texture occurs when balms melt, and then return to a cooler temperature and re-solidify at a slow rate. At room temperature around 22 degrees NADI may display white lumps, this is thanks to the unrefined, cold-pressed (not heat extracted) botanicals of Neem, Acai and Tamunu, these compounds are incredibly skin beneficial and is why I choose to formulate with them rather than the refined versions.

The fatty acids within the butters have different melting temperatures and are cooling at different rates, causing them to separate and tiny crystals to form as they slowly cool. The reason crystals don’t form during the formulation phase is because the entire balm is cooled in a controlled process and then refrigerated after the ingredients are blended.


NO - A liquid or grainy or lumpy bumpy NADI is perfectly safe to use and has zero effect on its efficacy. The small lumps will remelt when in contact with your skin.

NADI is a soft balm, that is specifically formulated to immediately melt upon contact with warm skin, (it can also melt or change texture when exposed to warm temperature changes during transit and/or during summer).

Depending on the temperature NADI can have different textures, when warm or hot like a paste, gel or even liquid, in cooler climates NADI will remain semi-solid to solid. If NADI melts and is left to re-solidify at room temperature lumps and bumps can form, a liquid or lumpy balm is perfectly safe to use and has zero effect on its efficacy. The lumps of the butters will remelt when in contact with your skin.


1: If NADI is already fully melted go to to number 2. If NADI is solid or just partially melted you will need to fully remelt by screwing on the lid tightly and placing in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes (water just below the lid level - to avoid water getting in to the jar.

2: Stir with a clean sanitised toothpick or or spoon replace the lid.

3: Place NADI in the refrigerator until it’s solid again (usually about 30 minutes or overnight if you prefer). I recommend storing NADI at 22 degrees or below to keep a firmer texture (in a refrigerator) especially if it is warm.

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