opportunity for change

Now more than ever asking yourself just one question daily can help redirect your mindset from stress to gratitude in an instant... 

What are you grateful for?

You have the power to be the director of your own film and you are the star. Magic pills, quick fixes, instant results? We spend our time wishing, hoping and searching for this, the truth and the reality is this - you are that magic pill, and you have the power to change the way your physiology reacts to your environment.

DNA - this is a code that is uniquely yours along with your epigenome both are responsible for creating you. Your epigenome sits in your cells with your genome. It's a set of instructions that decides which bits of your DNA are activated, this simply means which genes are switched on or off. We have many epigenomes because every different type of cell in the body — in your skin, fat, liver, and brain has its own epigenome.

Several lifestyle factors have been identified that can modify epigenetic patterns:

  • diet,
  • obesity,
  • physical activity,
  • smoking,
  • alcohol consumption,
  • environmental pollutants,
  • psychological stress,
  • working night shifts.

We tend to be as humans to be reactive and fall more into the negative narrative  why is this happening to me? this is not fair! this is not my fault! I am so unlucky... this is because we are programmed to constantly be scanning for and be alert to the possible threat of danger, fear has kept us alive. 

The lottery of life

Life is a lottery but it is also a miracle you are born at all. You are a representative of an unbroken lineage of life going back 4 billion years, scientists estimate the probability of you being born at about one in 400 trillion.

You arrive fully coded and programmed thanks to your parental genetics and ancestors, we are further molded by our upbringing bathed in a pool of belief systems belonging to our parents, families and or the system we are raised in. This can be a beautiful nurturing pool of love or a cesspit of inhumane neglect further creating the person who is released into the world as an 'adult'. 

We cannot change any of our formative years but we will spend our lives reacting to it both consciously and unconsciously. Suppressing, self-medicating, fleeing and repressing emotions or being in a constant state of denial. Shame, blame, hate, anger, being kind, compassionate, loving, grounded and or grateful and every emotion in between.

Ego overdrive

These are our individual stories or our 'movies' in which we each star, our life is our 'human experience' to learn and evolve. We each face a combination of personal crises along the way, grief, loss, joy, love, and hate; each is a tool to experience humanity, learning to become more of who you are. We confuse this with the ego, that is who we think we are, or how we want to be seen; this is driven often by material wealth, to be better or more than, often to cover up what we feel we ourselves lack.

Our shield against others is actually the avoidance of self. That is where the hard work lies behind the shield, we protect ourselves with our ego  behind the ego where your essence/soul/spirit exists. We expand our energy, our precious limited human time avoiding our true self. Fear, shame hate comparison jealousy along with judgmental behavior keeps you safe, bolsters your shield (ego) and keeps self-locked away so you can be better, be right, be superior, have more, hoard more, oh and feel safe.

You look to others to provide your happiness, to take responsibility for you and your life and when they fall short of your expectations you can blame, complain and absolve yourself of any failings. Rinse and repeat.

To be aware of ego is to walk towards true happiness, joy, love, and passion, to be free of ego is enlightenment, this is the goal, this is the raising of your consciousness and collectively so of humanity.

wake up!

This moment in time is a pivotal point, a pain point, for the entire global community, this new virus that has made a leap into human 'animals' yes you are an animal, is an important opportunity for us to collectively make a giant leap  to stop, look reflect, and change.

The Shield of being human is now exposed, there are cracks that no longer can be ignored - for our group wrongs, our greed, our hate, our dismissal of taking any responsibility for making our problems someone else’s, exploiting our differences, our belief systems, our skin color, our gender, our sexuality, making them wrong because if we are right we must be better than you  you are lesser than me.

The way humans, countries, governments, kingdoms and or regimes have treated each other is reflected in the way we have treated our planet, we have hidden behind the collective shield, taking no responsibility for our disconnectedness from our ecosystem. Within 4 months 1 bat and 1 human, in a country you may never have visited in a province you may have never heard of, has inextricably changed your life and turned your world upside-down.

Each time you watch TV, listen to the radio or scroll through social media, a virus is threatening your very existence which we know was a miracle in the first place, your mortality is being challenged. This is confronting, but we take comfort by remaining in complete denial or like myself reading and listening to every reliable source of information you can lay your hands on, knowing scientists around the world are working on creating new drug therapies to help COVID 19 affected humans, and, we hope, beyond hope for a new vaccine to get us all back to 'normal'.

What is the cause?

You are.

I am.

We are.

Back to the future  you can embrace this opportunity to change, you can be the film director of your blockbuster movie by controlling how your genetics react to your chosen lifestyle choices, what you think, what you believe, what you eat, what you say, and how you show up in this world, knowing you are this world, you cannot deny the undeniable link.

You are what you think you are, so looking for and taking time to appreciate daily experiences for which you are grateful for is creating a positive mindset. This will, in turn, make you feel better, both mentally and physically. You respond to what your environment is believed to be as you see it.

This changes the way your physiology reacts at a chemical level (hormones), when we express gratitude it has a healing effect on us, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions, and they make us feel 'good'.  

COVID 19 is like a mirror for humanity to really look into and at it's ‘self’ - this is our opportunity to change

Until next time..

Be human, be kind, be you


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