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Sustainability is so much more than making decisions about packaging and printed materials, this is just the starting point. At FIFTY7KIND we have chosen to invest in creating our own creative space and mini lab so we can carry our own R&D, formulate and manufacture our products. This enables ultimate control over quality and quantity, allowing us to control the footprint we make on our precious Planet Earth.

Why Small-Batch Beauty is the only sustainable future

Small-Batch Beauty, as the name suggests is creating products in small batches, this however is more than a 'buzz word' as far as FIFTY7KIND is concerned, and there is much to be concerned about when it comes to conscious-creation and conscious consumerism; this is a intentional decision to live by the values we strive for: to not harm earth air or water.

Small-Batch Benefits

We make products to order - Ensuring our customers and wonderful retail partners receive the freshing most alive (active) products possible, often within days of the batch being created. We actually use two methods Small-Batch and Micro-batch to fulfill orders.

For our retail partners we run Small-Batch production - We then go one step further with micro-batching for direct to customer orders made on our website, by creating fresh batches of products weekly. Our website should always read "OUT OF STOCK"!

We do not 'over manufacture' products

Products sat on shelves - This avoids waste and having to have "sales" which is often a way for brands to shift products that a running low on their allotted shelf life.
Throwing out products and or ingredients - This is so overlooked and so important and a whole other blog post about the safe disposal of unused or unfinished products and or raw ingredients. This method of conscious sustainable manufacturing comes at a high cost:

  • Time - Artisan methods are a slow and time consuming method of production. 
  • MOQ - We often do not meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for raw ingredients so pay a premium price to purchase in smaller quantities.
  • Shipping - Smaller more frequent ordering of raw ingredients results in more shipping fees which during 2021/22 have more than tripled!

The alternative of mass manufacturing poses an even higher cost to our precious planet Earth and the lives of our future generations.

  • Plastic Pollution
  • Water waste 
  • Natural resources waste
  • Overproduction of ingredients that have not been grown or produced in a sustainable manner.
  • Destruction of forests to clear land to plant mass produced ingredients for example Palm oil.
  • Damaging farming methods - conventional farming relies on practices that ultimately damage the health of the soil, producing raw ingredients that are devoid of the precious antioxidants and potent plant compounds we seek for our "active" ingredients.

Environmental Benefits

Our Micro/Small-Batch methods allow us to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible:
  • Reducing the amount of water we use in the production process - All products are hand poured negating the need to wash out and clean filling machines.
  • Reducing energy consumption - Less equipment running equals less electricity.
  • Cold processing - Some products can be cold processed reducing energy consumption.
  • Warm/hot Processing - Some balms fall into this category heat is required to melt certain ingredient to be able combine during the formulation process, this is done in a quick and efficient heat controlled process minimising energy consumption.

Our products are not for everyone - slow artisan methods with conscious small-batch manufacturing - we don't aspire to be for everyone.

Until next time - be human | be kind | be you
Much love
Gabrielle ❤️

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