Sustainability Is At The Core Of Our Social Ethics

Hippocrates said, "first do no harm" this oath was written in Ionic Greek, in the late Fifth Century BCE. This is our starting point with our formulations and products. Our founding fundamental principle is to do no harm to Air Water nor Earth:

  1. Skins Microbiome - our ingredients do not strip away our skin's microbiome. 
  2. Animals - Cruelty-free. No testing on animals - we will only retail in countries who do not test cosmetics on animals.
  3. The Earth - no plastic bottles and use only recyclable or sustainable and biodegradable materials.

The True Meaning of Green Beauty

Being accountable for the ingredients we choose to incorporate into our formulations is not just making sure they are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality; the long-term impact of the ingredients and in turn their impact on the environment is taken into account as well. You can read more about 'Are Organic Cosmetics Sustainable?' here.

We have to be sure everything from sourcing, formulating, manufacturing, packaging, and retailing is making the smallest possible impact. Our mission is to be transparent as we continue to move toward more earth-friendly solutions in every aspect of our business including the promotion of well-being.

Sustainability is now a major challenge for many essential oil-bearing crops, and the growth of aromatherapy has exacerbated the problem. This especially applies to wild grown plants such as Sandalwood (Santalum album). This is a threatened species in Asia due to decades of over-harvesting and smuggling. 

The essential oil is only found in the central portion of the trunk, the “heartwood”, and in the roots, so trees have to be felled for oil production. In the wild, trees do not produce viable amounts of essential-oil-rich heartwood until 30 years of maturity. There is promising news for a sustainable source of Sandalwood in Australia you can learn more here.

Due to the potential sustainability issues currently, we avoid certain Essential Oils: 

  • Frankincense
  • Sandalwood
  • Rosewood. 

Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

Some plastic bottles used for cosmetics are recyclable:

  • PET Recycle code #1 - Polyethylene terephthalate.
  • PEHD or HDPE Recycle code #2 - High-density polyethylene. 

Unfortunately, they do not breakdown - they are not biodegradable. If they end up in our oceans they cause harm to marine life and conversely humans if you chose to eat fish. Plastic bottles including cosmetic bottles are destroying the world’s oceans and earth. This is why we refuse to use them.


  • Made from sand - a 100% natural source        
  • Readily recycled if clean and clear; can be recycled over and over
  • Easy to reuse or repurpose
  • Does not leach harmful chemicals into the environment
  • Dark glass protects fragile ingredients from sunlight
  • Expensive


  • Sugarcane-based bioplastic is a great sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution.
  • It reduces the reliance on fossil fuels such as oil for the production of plastic packaging, by using renewable resources.
  • It is durable, protective & 100% recyclable.
  • For a small Indie (Independent) Brand the minimum order quantities are prohibited for us to be able to use.

We have chosen to use Miron Violet Glass Bottles - To house our first product -an oil based a face serum for the following reasons:

  • Miron Glass has no danger of leaching unwanted chemicals into the product contained within. 
  • Miron glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet, UV-A, and infrared light, thus protecting the ingredients from the quality lessening influences of light, allowing only life-giving violet rays to permeate. Such rays protect and improve the longevity of our formulations.
  • Many of our ingredients are light sensitive, being antioxidant-rich and are very sensitive and vulnerable to photodecomposition.
  • Essential Oils can have chemical reactions with plastics, as we have incorporated two essential oils into our Hero product to ensure safety we chosen the use glass.

Our Environment

Personally, I believe, having a connection with nature is beneficial for the well-being of both humans and the natural world. As our ingredients are sourced directly from nature in the form of bark, roots, flowers, whole plants, seeds, nuts, fruits, and leaves, ensuring this is done in a sustainable way. I feel we, therefore, have a responsibility to give back to nature, by supporting the environment.

As Sir David Attenborough explains in this short message below "stop doing the damaging stuff", we have to protect what we have [left] now. Each of us can make small changes daily, better-informed decisions and educate our children to do the same. Collectively our small changes can make a huge difference for the health of our planet and ultimately your health, everything is connected.

Our Ingredients

We choose to only incorporate ingredients that are:

  • Sustainably sourced
  • Responsibly wildcrafted ingredients
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Safe, biocompatible formulas
  • No environmental contaminants
  • Products are carbon neutral manufactured
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free ingredients
  • Certified Organic
  • COSMOS approved for Certified Organic Cosmetics.

      Each Essential Oil we choose to incorporate (we use only two) have been tested for purity via Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) testing. This is a quantitative analytical test performed on Essential Oils to scientifically prove authenticity, plant DNA and purity in Essential Oils. You can read more about GC-MS here.

      OUR PACKAGING green beauty

      Decorative Gift Wrapping & Tissue paper - Designed and manufactured in Australia using paper sourced from certified sustainable plantation forests. 

      Shipping Cartons - 100% Recyclable and 100% Biodegradable

      Courier Satchels / Bags - Made from sustainable plants and non-toxic compostable resin. These can be placed along with food scraps and garden waste in your home composter.

      Printed Material - Information cards and leaflets, we use carbon-neutral printers with 100% recycled paper stock and eco-friendly inks. 

      Environmentally responsible Printing - We print labels for our bottles within Australia, on 100% recycled, non-chlorine bleached papers, organic-based non-toxic inks, food standard glue and finished with a non-plastic earth-friendly coating.

      GreenWrap - If necessary when shipping products we use an eco-friendly biodegradable paper protective packaging material made from SFI/Recycled material. A fantastic alternative to plastic bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Greenwrap helps reducing plastic packaging wrap going to landfill. 

      Cosmetic Boxes - Our Paper Stock is manufactured in Italy from:

      • FSC® certified Mix - sourcing pulp from managed plantations and responsible forests.
      • The fiber used to produce the linen stock is both elemental chlorine-free and acid-free.

      As our ingredients are sourced directly from nature in the form of bark, roots, flowers, whole plants, seeds, nuts, fruits, and leaves, ensuring this is done in a sustainable way, I feel we therefore, have a responsibility to give back to nature, by supporting the environment.


      Our commitment is to incorporate the highest quality, certified organic, efficacious ingredients into our formulations. Organic Farming is fully sustainable and environmentally sound. Non-organic farming decreases biodiversity, therefore, threatening wildlife. A study by Newcastle University experts (United Kingdom) proved that organic crops are 60% higher in antioxidants compared to non-organic. 


      We have chosen to support a small community of a female-founded co-op in Nepal. More details will be released when we launch later this year (2019).

      A percentage of each purchase will be donated towards helping to clear plastics from our oceans. Once again more details will be released when we launch later this year (2019).

      A percentage of each purchase will be donated towards the conservation charity World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Once again more details will be released when we launch later this year (2019).

      As Human & Kind Organics grows we will support more projects which help make positive changes for the health of Planet Earth. It is a conscious lifestyle choice that leaves you, our customers and Human & Kind Organics feeling good about both the health of your skin and the planet.

      Until next time

      Be human, be kind, be you. 






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