A proprietary blend of 7 plants converge with Black Cumin Seed Oil, this slow, artisan process takes place over a minimum period of 12 weeks to ensure the entire range of lipophilic plant compounds are captured.

Each plant has been chosen for its affinity with each of the 7 chakras, these specific plants welcome the flow of energy "nadi" back, into and through the body to rebalance and calm:

1. ROOT CHAKRA / Energetics: Earthly grounding and physical survival.
+ Antioxidants - Help protect the skin from environmental stressors and improve the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. 
+ Cleansing - Novel compounds in ashwagandha known as withanolides help cleanse dirt and impurities, aiding in the prevention of clogged pores.
+ Moisturizing - In Ayurvedic ashwagandha is prescribed for dry, rough skin. 

2. SACRAL CHAKRA / Energetics: Emotion, represents desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation and creativity.
+ Powerful Carotenoids - Are strong antioxidants that play a crucial role in the health of your skin. They inhibit UV damage and stimulate cell repair
+ Phenolic Compounds - Increase microcirculation and oxygen to the skin to speed healing and repair. 
+ Antioxidant Action - Flavonoids are plant-based antioxidants that protect the skin from free-radical damage, environmental stress and inflammation. 

3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA / Energetics: It functions as the center of energy associated with ego, the source of personal power, self-belief, and self-worth.
+ Gingerol Antioxidant found in the root fights skin-damaging free radicals and can help promote a brighter, firmer, more youthful appearance. It also helps
+ Combats Skin Inflammation - Supporting acne-prone skin.

4. HEART CHAKRA / Energetics: For protection and healing of the heart, opening the heart, expressing, giving and receiving love, associate with lungs, heart, arms hands and thymus gland. 
+ Bioflavonoids & Proanthocyanidins - Clinical studies have shown that the bioflavonoids in Hawthorn are potent antioxidants Hawthorne Berries have been shown to calm irritation in the skin an neutralize the effects of UV radiation excess sun exposure.

5. THROAT CHAKRA / Energetics: Communication, creativity, self-expression and judgement, associated with the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, thyroid and parathyroid glands. It is concerned with the senses of inner and outer hearing, the synthesising of ideas, healing, transformation and purification. 
+ Contains Powerful Antioxidants - High content of b-sitosterol, red clover is skin regenerating and stimulates the cellular metabolism of the skin, promoting healing of both eczema and psoriasis.

6. THIRD EYE CHAKRA / Energetics: The Chakra of question, perception and knowing. It is concerned with inner vision, intuition and wisdom. 
Antioxidants - Flavonoids help protect the skin from environmental stressors, reducing the appearance of fine..

7. CROWN CHAKRA / Energetics:  Associated with the cerebral cortex, central nervous system and the pituitary gland. It is concerned with information, understanding, acceptance and bliss. It is said to be your own place of connection to God, the Chakra of Divine purpose and personal destiny.
+ β-caryophyllene - This is potent anti-inflammatory agent very useful in healing, soothing irritation and treating chronic skin issues. 

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by regulatory authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.