I came across Tanu via an Instagram page. I took my time ordering, sought advice from Gabrielle (who has been beyond helpful) and finally decided on the 5ml. I often struggle with oils, they’re either too thick or too thin but Tanu is spot on. I find the smell so comforting, very earthy & calming and the texture is just perfect.

It took me a while to get the hang of how many drops I needed to use for my skin and I’ve found it varies between 1 & 3 depending on what I’ve used the night before. I don’t often stick to using the same products regularly but I have found myself reaching for this day and night since receiving it. I love it. My skin loves it; happy and calm, no spots or redness, just even toned and clear.

I’ve recently reordered the 5ml again as it ensures I use it all up, but I really wish I had ordered the larger size having just found myself in the bathroom bashing the bottle on my palm to see if I could get any more out.

This serum is amazing. I can feel it within one night that my pore is firm.
- Janenapa J.

I used Tanu at night. In less than a week, I could see the difference when I woke up every morning. My skin is more supple and dewier by the day. To my pleasant surprise, the little white heads were gone too. So I daringly tried it on my pimpled chin. The pimples were less inflamed and gone within 2 days. Very happy with this multi functional serum. I am on my second bottle and need to order soon!
- Elaine T.

I love Tanu every day more and more. At the beginning it was not easy to understand what it was, an oil a serum? Compared to my usual oils Tanu is pleasantly light consistency but at the same time very hydrating. My skin is more on the dry side in winter and in summer I have oily patches on the forehead, so I usually reach out for heavier oils leaving out my forehead. It seemed to me as if it would not be enough for my skin.

It penetrates immediately and completely, not remaining on the surface. Leaving glow and not a greasy finish. But .... that’s the positive thing in Tanu. It penetrates, hydrating the skin in depth. My dry cheeks are not more dry and my forehead is not more greasy. Tanu has balanced my skin after about two months of use. The smell is earthy, not overwhelming or obtrusive, but calming and pleasant.

Also love and appreciate the informative posts on IG as it is for me very interesting to learn about the ingredients. Gabrielle is so informed about ingredients. Looking forward to trying more from Fifty7Kind.
- Birgit L.

After using Tanu for a lil over month now i thought its time to give a lil feedback. At first my skin felt dry it felt like its not enough for my normal/dry skin, even during summer when i usualy use lighter products. So I was a bit upset knowing that if it doesnt work in summer it surely wont work in winter either. When changing or adding a new product into skincare routine the skin takes time to adjust to it it.

I kept using it and gave my skin some time, combined it with different products till i found the perfect match. After using it for over a month daily i can say that my skin looks great. I never had problem skin to start with, but it makes my skin look healthy,smooth, more youthful, adds a natural glow to it. I absolutely love the smell of it too. Im glad that i kept using it instead of putting it aside. Thanks for creating such a great Product ❤️
- Bee S.

Am not one who has ever left reviews. So this is a first. In my later wisdom bound years I have learnt to seek out truly exceptional artisanal products made by unique souls.

I recently purchased the ‘1ml cell affinity coactive serum’ to road test it to see if it was a product that I needed to incorporate into my skin care routine. Over the years I have tried many products like we all do and am not sure that I can fully put into words what this little bottle of mother nature’s awesomeness truly is like.

Opening the bottle what first caught my attention was it didn’t smell like any other product where you are be taken in by a pretty perfumed smell, this truly smelt like Mother Nature in a bottle. Here a little really does go a long way. From the first application I was sold, this is what your skin is meant to be fed. Visibly you notice the difference, your skin is left hydrated feeling alive. Am a 47 year old male and I was truly humbled by how my skin not only felt but looked. I have no idea what or how Gabrielle has done this but I am a Tanu convertee for life. I recently purchased x2 5ml bottles and this will be my facial routine, PERIOD.

All I can say is try the sample 1ml size which will cost you nothing, shipping was included and to go that step further the packaging it is sent in is bio-degradable meaning no carbon footprint. This lady truly is an alchemist and has thought of everything and more from start to finish.
Sincerely thank you Ms G and keep doing what you do.
- Harj R.

Wow…this oli is really something special, you can sense that from your first application, the smell and the feeling on the skin. The smell is earthy and warm, and the feeling on the skin is an instant softness - and this softness stays the whole day or night - like a constant skincare hug. I have tried many oils, but never one like TANU. I can highly recommend this fine product. It makes a difference. It’s really one of a kind!
- Kitta P.

Thank you Gabrielle for creating such a bottle of love and self care ✨💕
This beautiful bottle is truly an expression of self love and the mindfulness in using it is a gift to each and everyone us from its founder and creator, Gabrielle.
So thank you 🙏 x
- Jo S.

Buying Tanu was the best decision I’ve made in 2019! Now, at the end of my third bottle me and my skin know that there’s no going back! There is no other single product on the market that can offer all the goodness that Cell Affinity Coactive Serum can! Fast absorbing, deep skin penetration it goes and work on all skin layers!

Needless to to say I am in love with it and even more - I am finally in love with my skin - my new healthy, bouncy, glowing, calm and soothed skin! I no longer need five additional serums and moisturiser on top! Some may call it liquid gold, to me this is Liquid Skin Health in a bottle!
Thank you Tanu and thank you Gabrielle!
- Ruman 

TANU is special, it’s different from what’s available on the market, it has honesty in every precious drop!! And I think I can say the same for Gabrielle. I first came to know of Fifty7Kind in November of 2019, and I was immediately intrigued. Being the nerd that I am, I started reading up and devouring the website and researching the ingredients. The more I read, the more I grew interested. The website has so much information and is very detailed. Now for me that’s very important as it shows that the formulator is honest and transparent about her product and genuinely has the best interest for her clients.

Coming to the product, it’s a beautiful rich color and it just feels potent and pure. I apply it at night and the way I like to use it is mix 2 drops of TANU (believe me, it’s enough!) with a hydrating serum and create an emulsion and apply it all over my face. Just 2 drops of TANU give my skin all the moisturisation that I need. The morning I apply TANU to my face, I can feel its potency and it is extremely nourishing. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks and feels smoother and plumper. Getting TANU to me was a big project. I ordered from the website and Gabrielle sent it across to me all the way from Australia to India. Unfortunately, the package didn’t reach me. And when I contacted Gabrielle about it, she was very kind and sent me another package immediately without any extra cost. She’s as honest and genuine as her product. And I can’t wait for her products from her!!
- Sonal

I got combination skin with acne prone condition. I have been using Tanu for 2.5 months, started to see positive results in one month and now my skin is clear of acnes/pimples! I wouldn’t say it is a pure anti aging or anti acne product. Look at the ingredients, essential fatty acids: linoleic and oleic acids, phytosterols, phytoceremides, potent antioxidants and retinoid alternative sea fennel.

Tanu is beautifully and thoughtfully formulated to strengthen, heal, repair and regenerate skin cells. No doubt, my skin barrier is getting stronger and healthier. This creates the conditions where my skin is in need: more balanced epidermis and no more acnes/pimples! I also love the botanical scents and oil-based but easy to absorb texture too. I don’t feel it’s too greasy even I use in the morning in a hot and humid country. Happier skin and me indeed. Really recommend!
- Sudarat

I love Tanu for many reasons - Tanu is liquid gold created by human soul: First of all thanks to genuine passions kind soul like Gabrielle the lady behind all Tanu, thanks to her passion, patient, her knowledge, her researchers, I cannot praise enough how much Tanu mean to me and my skin. From my experiences with Tanu from 16 Nov 2019 the first night Tanu hugs my skin which I never forget it made me feel that night. Till now I'm on my 2nd bottles and love it, even more, its the BEST formulate oil serum that I have ever come my opinion, its special rare one to find. It is gentle, it's powerful, it's healing and soothing skin and soul.

The smell of valuable ancient herb I said this since day one just to smell it you know it packed full of good things and its packed full of skin best friend ingredients.

Since let me tell you I'm addicted to it goodness nothing Tanu can not do, healthy skin that it gave irritation, sensitive, redness from any kind of over-exfoliation Tanu is my go-to. Radiance even tone, decongest, spots healing Tanu can do so, my skin texture is a lot look healthier has a glow from within. Tanu looks thick but once it touches the skin it sinks into skin, absorbs very fast and deeply nourish.. leave velvety smooth skin to touch not oily or greasy in any way most oils do.

Tanu is great to layers with others, you can easily fit in your routine, can be used as a serum before moisturizer or balm, or can be used as a moisturizer to finish off your routine, also super great stand-alone products. I cannot one bad thing about Tanu from the love of thought and work Gabrielle put into Tanu. It's " magical " I highly to anyone who wants a healthy happy skin ... Tanu could be your best friend. ❤
- Ing

I'm impressed with Tanu in very levels, from the owner products packing service and goes on..every single details with passion and genuinely pound of love..for the product (Tanu) I've been using it about 4'5 months now ..I can obviously see my skin get stronger and healthier firming and reducing sensitivity of my skin as I'm prone to easy irritations sometime, no redness.

Tanu is very easily absorbed..I love how easy it fit in my routine perfectly, multifunctional serum easy to use ..can be a great stand alone products..just adore Tanu ..I highly recommend to anyone who want healthy skin ..💚💙
- Art 

I'm a big fan of face oils in general. When I saw this product I was immediately suspicious because of the price, but I eventually gave in and bought a month's supply because I saw that the ingredients looked exception and it seemed to be a serum that could replace a few of my steps. It is a multi-functional oil serum and it is quite potent. I followed Gabrielle's advice of using just three jobs at a time and my skin loved it.

Three drops was enough to cover my skin and to feel very luxurious. It did not cause my skin to have any negative reaction and I do have oily skin to begin with. I felt that I woke up with clearer and more radiant skin after even two nights of use. I think this is a perfect last step at night. This product pairs well with other products. I do like to use acids and retinoids sometimes and I do sometimes use a sleep mask as a last step since I've fallen under the influence of some K-Beauty trends. But Tanu definitely stands out amongst the other products I use.

It is potent and has a notable effect even amongst my other steps I think it's worth the splurge and I just received my next larger bottle. I also was very happy that Tanu received notice in this year's Beauty Shortlist awards and it convinced me that the effects of Tanu were not just in my head. I'm trying out the rollerball version this time. I also really can't wait for Gabrielle to introduce some of her other creations, even if it's just a "beta" limited release. 
- Charles

When I was having skin issues, the lovely Gabrielle reached out to me and told me her oil serum could be a solution. I purchased a small bottle first and upon the first application, i knew this oil was something special! This serum is full of soothing ingredients and has a just a soothing scent that reminds me most of chamomile flowers. The oil itself is so so beautiful, it feels rich upon application but my skin (dry) drinks it all up right away.

Now with most oils that sink in so quickly, my skin feels dry and hungry for me. Not with Tanu, this oil doesn’t leave any residue behind yet feels enough. Not need for a toner, not for a aloe/water based serum and not for a cream/balm on top. It’s perfect on its own and a little product goes a long way. I also really enjoyed the effect on my skin that looked instantly calm and radiant. I’m really impressed and will definitely pick up a large bottle.
- Yasmine

I've been slowly moving away from conventional products that big companies say that are good for my skin and start using natural-plant based products. Then I discovered @fifty7kind. TANU is a game changer! It is light on my skin, smells divine, feels incredible on my skin and, to top it all off, leaves my skin velvet to the touch. I could not be more happier.
I recommend this wholeheartedly!!!
- Raluca

I don’t have oily skin, but I’ve noticed even from the first days that the greasiness and shine around my nose was reduced.
- Anna

My skin was much healthier, it massively reduced congested areas, no normal monthly hormonal breakouts and my skin looks much clearer and smoother.
- Ing

Every plant, root and leaf is there for a purpose, nothing is put in just for the sake of sounding good on the label.
- Sid

The world doesn’t know this - yet. 
- Mo

The soft feeling to my skin after application is amazing, and the softness stays with me overnight - wow! I can’t wait to see the effect with long term use. The smell is such bliss as well.
- Kitta P.

About Cell Affinity Coactive Serum | TANU, Just the smell alone tells me this has ancient valuable herbal botanicals.
- Ing

I have been using Tanu from Fifty7Kind for a while now and this oil is breathtakingly beautiful! Different to any oil I’ve ever tried. It feels rich but sinks into the skin immediately, leaving skin feeling calm and plump. A true Hero product.
- Yasmine

I love it so much it’s done wonders to my skin in such a small time and I genuinely look forward to using it.
- Alfie