Worldwide flat-rate shipping

To cut shipping costs for YOU our most valued customers we are now offering half price flat rate Express shipping worldwide.

Shipping Method: Express
What does this mean? You'll get an email when your item's posted, when it arrives in your destination country and when it's delivered. 
How long will my package take to arrive? Each destination has a different estimated number of business days it will take for your precious cargo to arrive. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD)

We are only able to offer this item in Australia only due to the impact of COVID19, we are now only sending all packages via Express Shipping. (This is cost-prohibitive at this time)

Australia Flat Rate: Up to 5kg Express - $12.00 (2-4 business days)

New Zealand: NZ Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g $16.00 (5-10 business days)

China Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g - $18.00 (4-8 business days)

Rest Of Asia: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand. Asia Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g $18.00 (4-9 business days)

UK + Ireland: UK & Ireland Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g $22.00 (7-18 business days)

Rest of World 1: Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey. 
Rest Of World Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g  $23.00 (7-18 business days)

Rest of World 2: Luxembourg (7-18 business days)
Qatar (6 business days) 
Rest Of World 2 Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g $23.00 

Major Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Major Europe Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g - $21.00

USA: USA Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g $20.00 (15-20 business days)

Canada  - Canada Flat Rate - Express Up to 500g $22.00 (15-20 business days)

Updated October 2020