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Our Mission & values

FIFTY7KIND has strong ethics and values encompassing; honesty, quality, sustainability, and excellence; these are focused on every day. With a love of nature, animals, our planet and its diversity each of these is encompassed into our mission:

  1. / EMBRACE / The simplicity and the knowledge that you can achieve more with less.
  2. / BELIEVE / In the power of plant-based products to renew, relax, and transform the way you feel.
  3. / TRUST / In the healing power of plants .
  4. / PROMISE / High ethical standards - all our products are crafted using the finest, certified organic, biodynamic, wild-harvested ingredients we can source. Australia first then further afield if necessary, it is both the quality and the sustainability of our raw ingredients which matter the most.
  5. / SAFE / Our products are formulated to be safe for your skin's microbiome, our products will not strip away or disturb your skin's homeostasis because this gives rise to everything from wrinkles to rosacea.
  6. / TRANSPARENT / We proudly publish our full INCI lists on our website, our blog is bursting with interesting and educational facts relating to ingredients we choose to incorporate into our formulations.
  7. / CARBON NEUTRAL / Manufactured.
  8. / AUSTRALIAN / Formulated and Made (with love) and owned.
  9. / CRUELTY-FREE / Our products are not tested on Animals only humans.
  10. / VEGAN / Contain NO animal by-products
  11. / MINIMAL PLASTIC / Housed in Miron Violet glass - chemicals in plastics can leach out of the bottles into the formulations (Essential oils can eat into the plastic.) Plastic pollution is a massive worldwide problem.
  12. / RECYCLABLE + BIODEGRADABLE / Materials for our shipping boxes, Product boxes, Greenwrap (instead of using plastic foam beans) and printed material. Labels for bottles are printed using plant inks, on 100% recycled, non-chlorine bleached papers using solar power to reduce our overall environmental impact. 
  13. / SUSTAINABLE / We choose to only incorporate sustainable, organic, responsibly wildcrafted, biodynamic cosmetic ingredients directly from nature in our formulations.
  14. / AFFINITY / Plant-based Ingredients are better for your skin (and microbiome), the environment and for your body, your skin recognizes and can utilize the plant compounds.
  15. / NATURE / Is our medicine cabinet, and it can and should be farmed in a sustainable, renewable organic or biodynamic way, for the health of our food chain, animals and planet, and the future.



  • Ingredients / Incorporating only sustainable, plant-based and certified organic, eco-cert and Cosmos approved, ingredients into our formulations
  • Bottles / No plastic policy choosing to house our precious ingredients in Miron Glass bottles (fully recyclable) 
  • Packaging / All fully recyclable and or biodegradable, printed with plant inks.


  • Select, sustainably sourced, botanical ingredients are sourced directly from cooperatives in remote regions around the world. These cooperatives support the local communities by providing fair trade options or employment - ensuring farming methods used are sustainable. 

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