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NADI is a multi-correctional entity

Formulated to calm stressed, irritated, acne, inflamed, dry, flaky, or itchy skin, from over-exfoliation chemical or mechanical, environmental aggressors, pollution, or UV damage.

NADI is a aromatic balsam for our skin sorrows

SKIN FEEL | Lustrous, powdery, and soft.
AROMA | A bold and herbaceous nectar of grace.
SKINS | All.

  • CALM - Skin irritation.
  • REDUCE - Acne-causing bacteria.
  • EVEN OUT SKIN TONE - Inhibits melanin synthesis, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and fading dark spots on the skin.
  • ACCELERATE - Microcirculation and oxygen to the skin to speed healing and repair. 
  • RESTORE - Increase barrier formation on the skin, helping to prevent trans-epidermal (TEWL) water loss.
  • PREVENT - Skin dehydration, by improving the lipid barrier matrix encouraging long-term vitality.
  • BOOST- Epithelial cell turnover.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Of cellular energy metabolism.
  • STIMULATES - Collagen and Elastin production.
  • INCREASE HYDRATION - Natural humectant draws moisture from the air to your skin, and holds onto it, preventing epidermal water loss.
  • PROTECTS - Against oxidative stress, reduces the negative effects of photoaging which is shown by lessening the depth of wrinkles.


    1. OVERNIGHT MASK / Emulsifies with water, mix with a mist or essence to create a micro-emulsion treatment mask.
    2. EYE TREATMENT / Natural inflammatory multiplex reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines - add a soothing cool boost by storing NADI in the refrigerator. 
    3. MAKEUP BASE / Fast-absorbing with a weightless texture that leaves a powdery non-greasy skin feel.
    4. SKIN IRRITATIONS / Rosacea, scarring, dark spots, dry skin, burns, and bug bites.
    5. COMBINE / Mix with a mist, essence, oil, cream, or a small amount of loose mineral powder to create a liquid foundation.
    6. HANDS + CUITCLES / Soothing cracked, chapped skin on hands, cuticles, elbows, and feet.


    The unforgettable, unique, exceptional skin experience - TANU

    SKIN FEEL | Velvety soft.
    AROMA | Earthy, herbaceous, and comforting.
    SKINS | All.

      1. OFFERS A RETINOID LIKE ACTION / Enhancing cell turnover, aiding the reduction of sebum secretion, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and UV photodamage; without skin irritation or photosensitivity.
        SKIN CONCERNS - Acne, hormonal acne, congested skin, and supporting the Well-aging process.
      2. DELIVERY SYSTEM / Nanoencapsulation technology delivers targeted antioxidants from Goji (Zeaxanthin) and Açaí (Anthocyanins), to neutralize free radicals and aid in the prevention of skin damage from pollution, Zeaxanthin has the additional benefit of blue light-absorbing properties.
      3. SKIN CONCERNS - Loss of firmness, elasticity, and wrinkles.
      4. BARRIER AGENTS / Phytoceramides, Essential Fatty Acids, Fatty Esters along with numerous unique compounds such as calophyllolide, an anti-inflammatory agent. Synergistically replenish the skin's lipids and ceramides to aid in the reduction of water loss, helping maintain a strong barrier function.
        SKIN CONCERNS - Dy skin, skin inflammation, redness, fragility, or skin transparency.
      5. MOISTURIZING AGENTS / Phospholipids inhibit trans‐epidermal water loss to increase skin moisturization while Fatty Acid Esters support the skin's water-holding capabilities to help preserve elasticity.
        SKIN CONCERNS - The feeling of dry skin, tightness, cracked skin, and/or reduced skin flexibility.
      6. PLANT VITAMINS / Aid in the prevention of the loss of the skin's firmness, and elasticity.
        SKIN CONCERNS - Early signs of skin aging.
      7. NATURAL SALICYLIC ACID / Accelerates the turnover of skin cells for gentle exfoliation, clears pores, and stimulates new cell formation.
        SKIN CONCERNS - Dull, lack-luster, or uneven skin tone.
      8. PHOTO-PROTECTORS / Offer skin a small amount of UV absorption along with antioxidant properties, these combined together offer the protection to prevent the early signs of aging. Photoprotective effects reduce the number of sunburn cells, protect the epidermis cells.
        SKIN CONCERNS - Uneven skin tone, age-related dark spots, prevention of the early signs of aging.

      MADE FOR YOU /
      PREGNANCY + NURSING SAFE - TANU and NADI replace the need for multiple products saving time but not compromising on the experience of much-needed self-care and me-time. (Please always check with your OB prior to use, to assess your personal history.)

      Warning: For external use only. 
      Patch Test - Before adding any new skincare products to your routine it is best practice to always do a patch test first. Apply TANU on an unobtrusive area of skin, under your chin, or the inside of your wrist. Wait 24 hours, and if there's no reaction, try the product on your face. Don't add any other skincare products to your routine until you've gone a full week without a reaction. This helps to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If irritation occurs please discontinue use, consult your Doctor. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. 
      Store TANU below 30°C/86°F. Store NADI below 25°C/77°F.
      FIFITY7KIND does not test on animals. 


      DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by regulatory authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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      Kath K.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product
      Magic in a bottle✨

      O M G!!! Gabrielle you are a true genius❤️❤️ I can already tell a difference after one day of use( both morning and night) My skin drinks these up Skin is left so smooth and petal soft. My skin type is complicated, it gets easily irritated, dehydrated, prone to acnes and I got psoriasis too! ( i tried my best to keep it at bay so my skin is happy right now!) I got a pimple two days ago on my nose, thought it would def gets worse as it normally does‍♀️ And woww here comes the magic✨ The pimple is significantly less swelling than before and less inflamed, feels like its healing! Its truly a magic in a bottle! Both Tanu and NadiLove them so much!! Could def see myself repurchasing it again and again❤️